31 May 2007

At the stroke of midnight...

It is so hard for me to believe that at the stroke of midnight tonight, my gorgeous little pirate will turn 18.

The day I had him is just so vivid in my mind. I am so fortunate for he is just an unbelievable son. I won't go into all the gushy mushy stuff here as most of you who read my blog do not know him. In this day and age where alot of kids can go off the rails, get into bad company and do the drug scene etc, I am blessed that I have such a level headed, sensitive, intelligent and well grounded individual. All who know him and have watched him grow into the fine young man he is today will agree. And NO I don't have my blinkers on.

My ex - Bob and I decided very early on after we seperated, many many years ago, to place the kids before any issues we had between us. As hard as that was and naturally sometimes we faltered, we upheld our agreement and our son is testimony to successful parenting even if divorced.

My gorgeous boy, now man, was a pillar of strength for me during many hard years. As I have told him so many times throughout his life - he is my rock. Much the same as my twin brother is. In fact they look and act - so - very alike that sometimes it is scarey. Today still he is my pillar of strength when needed. What more could a mother ask for?

Anyway, later tonight you will find me "shouting from the rooftop" and thanking G-d and the Universe for blessing me with the gift that is my son Ari.


Ev said...

Children and always just a reflection of their mothers - I hope mine grow up accepting of others and intact both in body and soul. You have done well to bring up a level headed human being. I often look at the other kids at the primary school where my youngest go and cringe at the way they treat each other, their parents and adults alike, the lack of respect is shocking and what is worst is the parents allow them to carry on like that. I hope you both have a wonderful day.

Sharon Manning said...

OMGosh 18!!!! After my visits last year I sang Ari's praises to Steve and you know, I don't think he realised what a special young man he was until he got the opportunity to meet him in December. Please give him a big soppy kiss from me and wish him the best of birthdays ever! You should be truly proud of him which I know you are.

kelsey said...

Happy birthday to Ari and kudo's to you Judy & your ex for being smart enough to realise that children learn from their parents more than anyone else, and how THEY treat each other has the biggest impact on their children's lives.

Megan Pickwell said...

It doesn't happen by accident Judy, so congratulations to the both of you.

jo and jacky said...

Your son sounds like a wonderful person and is testimony to your dedication to his upbringing.
I hope he has a fantstic birthday, they grow up way too fast!!!
My Sammi starts her Yr 12 exams today, this time next year she will be out in the big bad world...! Too scary to contemplate!!
You enjoy this day too Judy!
Love Jo

Cindy Dean said...

Isn't it a great feeling to know that you have raised a wonderful person? I don't think it's luck...It's done by being a good mom. Congratulations!

Kristen Robinson said...

Ari growing into the man of 18 that he now is a true testament Judy to the love and support you have given your son. Happy Happy Birthday to Ari!!!


katie said...

The happiness we feel when our children have grown into sensitive, caring, and loving adults is the richest kind of happiness there is, don't you think. All those years of love, dedication, and sacrifice have paid off one hundred fold. congratulations to ari, and to you and your ex for doing such an amazing job parenting!

Bronwyn said...

What a beautiful thoughtful post. I can't comment on children unless you count 2 dogs and a cat, but I grew up in a divorced home where my parents constantly denigrated one another and put eachother down to me. This left indelible secret scars. I think it's better for parents to divorce than to live together in unhappiness as long as the children come first. You seem to have successfully achieved this, and I don't supose it was always easy. It is something that takes a real mensch mentality and I commend you. BTW, your son sounds wonderful:)

Karen Cole said...

Happy Birthday to Ari....and you, who were there for him.

Everyone else has said it all.

Susan Tuttle said...

You look way too young to have an 18 year-old my dear! I hope to look half as good as you do, when my munchkins get to be that age. What is your secret?


Ro Bruhn said...

Happy birthday to Ari and congratulations to you Judy for being his rock and helping make him what he is today.