15 April 2007

The weekend

Spotlight madness but gladness.

Had to pop over to Spotlight yesterday to pick up some things for my current Visual Anthology. I could not believe that they were wrapping breakable stuff in out of date dress patterns. The guy wrapping was a bit flustered as he was new and the que was very long with lots of frustrated women so naturally I offered to help him wrap my items.

Needless to say... I explained that I didn't want anything to break - so I used lots and lots and lots of the patterns! Yaah.

I was experimenting with beeswax today and the fact that the patterns are tissue-like meant that they became lovely and transparent.

Beach glass.

I dropped my son to a friend yesterday so I went in to say hi. As it happens, they have a very small private beach in the front of their place with lots of beach glass. So naturally I went on the hunt to my son's embarassment. Look how nice the colours are.
Even the clear glass looked so nice. I also got loads of brown glass too.

Whilst I was foraging through the sand I came upon these two pieces of porcelain that had been washed up amongst the shells. Not sure how well you can see the image but the piece on the left of the image has an amazing crackled effect on it. So lovely. I will definately be soldering them into a piece of jewellery when I finally learn how to do it.

Hello Dolly
I recieved a lovely Victorian Antique doll head which I purchased off Ebay last week. I got it for a steal, must be having a lucky week or something (about time too). Isn't she lovely and elegant. She's the one on the far right of the image. If I ever get the time to do some artwork for myself, using one of these doll-heads will be at the top of my list.

Anyway, need to get back to some work. I am working on a book/album/ journal that was commissioned from a friend who saw the collaborative piece that Michael and I did. Clearly it won't be the same, as the subject matter is totally different. This is a Visual Anthology about their trip to Thailand riding on Elephants for a week, a kind of safari I guess. The trip was to celebrate a 50th and was the culmination of a dream to ride elephants for most of the recipients life.
In any event, it is so exciting to work on a different format than I would otherwise do. I am loving it as I can be as artistic and 3 dimensional as I desire - well almost anyway. And it is my understanding that after it has been presented I will, for once, be able to post examples of my work - Another Yaah!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.


Julie H said...

What a lot of treasures in this post, those pottery shards are beautiful - I wonder what story they would tell if they could talk. I can imagine them in a necklace - and hopeyou get time to make one soon.

As to the dress patterns - what a find!

Ursula Clamer said...

What great treasures, it certainly is your lucky week. I look forward to seeing all your creations. Ux

Sharon Manning said...

All I'm going to say is "you and Spotlight!!!!!!!!!!" LOL

Thos glass and ceramic pieces look awesome, can't wait to see what you use them on.


Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous treasures Judy, including the old dress patterns. I work near the beach and regularly go beach combing in my lunch break. I wire the glass for my necklaces. I look forward to seeing your latest project when its finished.


Jen Crossley said...

WOW Judy boy you found some great finds there,Love the ceramic piece My mind was think what wonderful piece of art you can do with them.
Love the dolls head as well what a find

lindaharre said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging words! So sweet of you!!!!! I am envious of your beach glass. How wonderful to be able to walk out the front door and find such treasures. Your doll head is quite a find! Looks like you have had luck before:) Your pages in the slide show are gorgeous. One right after another.....knock outs!!!!! Hugs, Linda

kelsey said...

I too love the dressmaking pattern/beeswax thing, luckily I have boxes of patterns as I've always been a sewer. Just watched Claudine Hellmuth's new beeswax cd - great tips on there!

The pottery & sea glass is just gorgeous, as is the porcelain doll head. It'll be great to see what you do with them Judy...looking forward to it ;-)

Chris Millar said...

Some great finds here Judy!! Fancy finding the porcelain piece amongst the sand! Hope you had a lovely Easter break!

Lissy said...

Some fabulous finds there Judy!

This elephant thing sounds very interesting!!

Have a great day!

jo said...

The lovely lady who bought us in the box of treasures had also been to Spotlight and had some things wrapped in dress patterns. She kindly bought them in to the shop for us to share!! What a great idea, isn't it... Looks like you got a nice stash.
We have just had a pretty wet, windy day here in Perth so it might be a good time to head down to the beach to do some beach combing, you have found some fantastic pieces there! Have a go at the soldering, if you can master a Dremel, a soldering iron is a piece of cake.
I look forward to seeing your latest visual anthology, it sounds fascinating.
Take care,

Jo Wholohan said...

Love the beach glass Judy!!!
Never see it up here (qld) how weird is that :))

Megan said...

Oh Judy look at all your treasures!! And what a sneaker you are to get those extra patterns lol - good on you!

Megan xx

Izabella said...

I love love the beautiful worn glass, I know you will create something beautiful~

I also use patterns to wrap my sold pieces, not vintage ones :)

xo ~Bella

Ev said...

Heres hoping that lucky streak continues. I do love the pottery pieces. I like Ro's idea of wiring the glass. The anthology sounds like it will be really interesting, I look forward to you posting the pictures if you can.

Erica said...

Hi Judy, I'm enjoying your blog, I think I found it through Lesley Riley or maybe it was Michaels blog, whoever it was I'm very grateful because I really like your work. When you mentioned beeswax and the patterns I thought you might like seeing some paper and wax pieces by Jade Pegler
I used to throw out my old patterns but now I never seem able to throw anything out!!

Coby said...

Judy, I love your Spotlight story, what a giggle. The dolls heads are so beautiful, I especially like the one you won this week. Thank you for sharing your wonderful finds.

love Coby

Kristen Robinson said...

EEEK they were using patterns. Fab treasures that will be incoporated in brillant pieces I am sure!