17 April 2007

Horrible day

Solder on!!!

I have had the worst day in my studio. You know those days when nothing goes right. I am so frustrated!!! I have been trying and trying (about 10 attempts) to solder - (pronounced with the "l" not like the American way "sodder"). The solder just would not take to the copper tape. After all of that frustration I had to redo the piece - Not Happy Jan - I think the flux was the wrong one. It was for silver and gold - not copper. Grrrrrrrrr! If anyone here in Australia knows where I can do a quick soldering workshop in Sydney, please let me know.

ATC mail.

I received two lovely ATC's in the post the other day from Kelsey, the ATC queen. Kelsey gives great tutorials on her site about her lovely ATC's - check it out.

and this one...

How nice is that! The skeleton one is actually a transparency which I love. Now, I am not so into skeletons but somehow this ATC just spoke to me - both now adorn my inspiration pinboard.
Thank you Kelsey.

Well not much else to report today so I hope everyone else is having a better day than I have had.


Megan said...

Oh Judy, doesn't sound like a good day! Tomorrow will be brighter, just you wait and see :-)

Megan xx

Lissy said...

I had a bit of a day like that too....completely stuffed up a page so had to start a new one...frustrating...but I did manange to slavage the first one in the end so now I have two layouts done...hopefully tomorrow is better :)

Debbi B said...

Hi Judy Have I mentioned how fantastic a blog "commenter" (my new word, I know it isn't in the dictionary yet) you are? You might have had a @#*&%^%++ day but you made me feel great! I think you are wonderful to be soldering at all - I am in awe that others just DO this stuff where I read about it and decide I'll burn myself or that I need more workspace, more storage, more courage... And by the way, you are attracting fantastic kismet when you find yourself with purchases being wrapped in dress patterns! You do know what they say about the Laws of Attraction...I'd say tomorrow will deliver a soldering solution. Ciao, Debbi B

Megan Pickwell said...

Bummer about the soldering Judy - wish I could help you, but not yet. I do intend to master it though!
What a nice thing to recieve in the post though.

Ruth Rae said...

when I have a bad studio day I just walk away!!!

maybe its your iron and not the flux... if your iron does not get hot enough your solder will not flow and you will just make a mess!!! what kind of iron are you using? is your tip clean? or all full of solder?

Judy, please send me your address so I can send you a little paper pack :)
(would you like some resin coated?)

Julie H said...

Hi Judy - I sure can relate! I now have a soldering iron with a digital thermostat and Sally Jean Alexanders book (Pretty Little Things). I would still love some lessons - but these two have helped a lot!

I hope tomorrow smiles on you!

Karen Cole said...

Hey Judy,

Sorry you had a rotten day. Just got back from sunny and dry Mexico last night. Flew into the usual cold wet Philadelphia weather and arrived home at midnight to find that neither Bob, nor I had our house key.

This morning I went to the doctor with a swollen face and cough and found out I had a sinus infection! soooooooo.....the moral of the story?????

....we all those kind of days once in awhile. It will always get better.

I LOVE to work with beeswax!

Sharon Manning said...

I think we have to have the bad days once in a while to balance out the good ones!
The right flux is really important as is the temp of the iron. Also if you contaminate the brass tape with anything at all this can repel the solder too.
Hope you have some more success today.

kelsey said...

I'm also a newbie at soldering too Judy and found the flux made a difference for me too...I bought one called "Bakers" Soldering Fluid (for soldering & tinning most metals), worked perfectly! I bought mine from Bunnings.

The WORST bit is attaching those darn little fiddly jump rings...grrrr, you need loads of patience for those! lol

Ro Bruhn said...

Hi Judy
I downloaded some soldering instructions from the internet, I'll email them to you they might help. I also use an all purpose flux, it's very pink. I bought it in Bunnings. If you use lead free solder you can keep all the little bits that 'spark' off the tip and use them in your art. There's also a gadget from Dick Smith called helping hands for about $9, it holds your rings or whatever you're soldering leaving your hands free.
If all else fails I'm sure your local tafe will have a course.

Ev said...

Soldering take practice, it still scares me but I have done it a few times. If you don't have them the helping hands are fantastic (I have 2 sets - no idea why though, or how) saves burning when dealing with surfaces like glass and adding jump rings - which I always have problems with. Lucky you to get those ATC's of Kelsey's, I saw them IRL a week or so ago so now covet your collection LOL. BTW have you posted a pic of your collaberative work you did with Michael - I would love to see it.

Jen Crossley said...

Judy,It might be your iron,some solders have flux already in them thats what I use,okay I'II fly up and teach you!!!!.
My soldering iron is thermo stat controlled which is wonderful.

Kristen Robinson said...

Yummy ATC's....sending you happy soldering (with the L) adventures in the future!

Better studio days are ahead!


Mary S Hunt said...

It is too late for this project...and you may never even see this since it is such an old posting...however, in the chance you may :-)
the flux probably didn't have a thing to do with the problems you experienced this day. Most likely not your iron either, (you can tell a nasty soldering iron in need of tinning) the copper foil was the culprit...taking some steel wool (without soap in it) plain steel wool about 000 or 00 rub it to clean the copper...then soldering will most likely go fine.

as I posted before you have an incredible ability to tell the story...what an inspiration!