18 April 2007


Thanks soooooo much.

So to all you lovely ladies out there and you words of wisdom.Thanks so much. You'll understand the photo by the end of this post - don't go to the end yet!!!

Where do I begin...hmmm sounds like a song doesn't it?

I used a blowtorch, in fact it was the one Sally-Jean used whilst I was in Italy almost this time last year. Yes I did some soldering with her. It was not using copper tape but sterling silver. So I did not use a soldering iron. However I will try mine if the next attempt fails. I went out today – as I was so frustrated – and bought a different solder and a different flux. So I will give it a go. As I said yesterday, I think it was the flux.

Julie: I also have Sally-Jeans book which I just love too. If this next attempt doesn’t work I will get the iron with the thermostat.

Sharon: I probably did contaminate the flux as well.

Kelsey: I bought the flux you suggested today. Our Bunnings is so lame – I had been there twice looking for solder and flux – the irons are on one level, the flux on another and the solder in a different area from both of them – so helpful aren’t they.

Ro: Thanks for the instructions – much appreciated! I can assure you, there were lots of “bits” flying – bought myself some “stunning” goggles today too!
Must take a photo of myself all decked out either when soldering or dremeling old books. I’ll be at Dick Smith for that other tool, although whilst I was in the USA in December I did buy something that sounds similar that has 3 clamps attached. Michael has sent me that box recently but its sea freight so I probably won’t see it anytime soon.

Ev: Actually the jump rings shuld not be a problem as I made my own as per instructions from a collage book – of which the name escapes me. Whilst Michael was here, he showed me the same technique. I will scan the instructions and post because it is such a great thing to use for so many applications.

Jen: The solder I bought today has flux in it and I got one that doesn’t – so I covered all my bases. I hope. Yep, I think my next purchase is going to be the thermostat iron.

Debbie: You cracked me up with your comment – I sometimes make those excuses to myself too – but I have become a lot braver in the last year or so. Thanks for the lovely words too.

Megan S, Lissy, Megan P, Ruth and Karen – thanks so much for your empathy and advice– much appreciated. That goes for everyone who commented today. I know I have to get up and walk away but I am the type who tries and tries and then I lose the plot. Oh by the way, with regards to Ruth’s advice – what do you clean the tip of the iron with, please and thanks.

I so love all my arty friends – it’s so nice to share the highs and lows of creativity with like minded people. I like that I can share my frustrations with you guys and know that I will get understanding and above all else, great advice. So I just want you all to know that I am so blessed to have you around.


Megan Pickwell said...

Glad your not giving up Judy, I love that you can put out a dilema and the answers come in! I'm with you - love the arty network, plus I want you to learn that soldering so you can show me!

Izabella said...

I love Sally's book "Pretty little things" just bought it~

I would love to create that wine glass doll, it's so beautiful~

I did create some kool necklaces' out of crystal chandelier prisms! inspired by Sally :)

xo ~Bella

Ro Bruhn said...

Anytime Judy.
As my mother used to say "it never hurts to ask, someone might know the answer".

kelsey said...

Our Bunnings is the same Judy, though the soldering stuff is altogether.... BUT with rows upon rows of empty boxes with a label that tells you what USED to be there!

Another tip I learnt from Julie van Oosten when doing some soldering with her was to clean your item with rubbing alcohol before soldering to clean any oils from your hands off it.

I too just bought Sally Jean's book...beautiful throughout!

Coby said...

Judy, I am sorry that you had a crappy day on Tuesday. I am glad that you got through it and have taken another step in the journey toward soldering perfection. Reading this post reiterates to me the fact that so much good can come from blogging. Beautiful.

love Coby

Julie H said...

Oh Judy lucky you. I just love the book and now think a class with Sally Jean would be wonderful. I too love the awesome support that comes out of this blog community.

On another note I am over Bunnings. I found my soldering iron at my electrics store (there were none with thermostats at B - and paid only $69), my flux at Mitre 10 (500mls - a life times worth for $16) and have been waiting for some extra Dremel accessories for so long I am going to give in and order them from the USA.

Ruth Rae said...

I just use a little wet sponge and use it once in a while as I solder as the tips starts to get all icky :)

Marie C said...

Funny you should mention soldering - I was in Bunnings a week or so ago looking at them - found it all very confusing and gave up! LOL Good luck sorting it out tho - then I can go to your classes with Megan!! :D

Megan said...

Hi Judy,

There are plenty of ups and downs on this little creative journey called life, aren't there? We all LOVE that you share yours with us :-) Always something new and interesting to see when I come and visit you here.

Megan xx