04 April 2007


Visual Anthology - complete!

Well I finally finished off another one of my Visual Anthologies last week. My client picked it up on friday afternoon which just happened to be her birthday. Fortunately she was very happy and happened to have her children with her (they are grown ups btw). They were pouring over the books - it ended up being 2 - tears were flowing, emotions very raw but good emotions. I always get so excited to see the reactions - well, actually I usually only get to see the reactions of the person comissioning not necessarily the recipient - I usually have to wait for that reaction. But this time was a little bit different as the client comissioned it for herself.

It was very exciting, in particular, to see her and her kids' joy at seeing photo's of herself as a child that she/they hadn't seen. Without going into the situation at length - I had to retrieve photo's from a relative with whom they don't speak. That was a very difficult manoever on my part but I was successful. Hence, as the client commented - youv'e managed to get my life back - at least in photo's.

Well that was very satisfying - to know that I had assisted in giving her part of her history back, in photo's, but then again that's what I do. She is even more excited about that issue as she is expecting her first grandchild soon and was very comforted to know that she will, one day, be able to look at the books and show "from whence" she came.

So after all of that, I needed some down time, hence no posts here. Sorry, boring I know.
But it's very draining emotionally working on these life stories.
It's also unfortunate that I cannot post most of the works here too -privacy reasons on behalf of my clients. Soemtimes I can, but need to get their permission first.
Anyway I am onto the next big one which will comprise of about 4 books - huge really. Just sifting through literally thousands of photo's at the moment and fixing them up with photoshop.

Book Illustrations

Recently I got a very old book with some lovely illustrations - in fact Michael and I were fascinated by them as they had a thin piece of paper between the etching and the book. The illustration came through a bit and when we burnished it, ever so gently, it acted almost like a transparency. I scanned them and I would not necessarily use this one so I thought I would share it with anyone who was interested in using it.

I will upload a couple more when I can, if anyone is interested.

Family Time

I went to my parents place the other day for dinner. My kids got there before me. The sun was going down, it had been a steamy yukky humid kind of day but as I walked in I snuck behind them very carefully and quitely cos I saw this scene... grabbed my camera and snapped this photo. Very hazy looking (which is why I like it) due to the weather but priceless, nonetheless.

Ciao for now.


Lesley Riley said...

Great photo Judy. I miss you and your kids and Sydney!

Julie H said...

Hi Judy

What a lovely photo of your family - and a wonderful psot, giving insight into what you do.

I have just sat and watched your slide show through from beginning to end. WOW! I am in awe. All those textures and layers are just amazing - what a wonderful life you give to the photo's.

Megan said...

Hi Judy,

What a stunning view from where that photo was taken. Priceless as you say :-)

Megan xx

Lissy said...

Great photo :)

Must be fabulous to get such a response from people when they get their albums!

Hope you have a lovely Easter break :)

Ro Bruhn said...

What a great view Judy and I agree with Julie your work's fabulous

Sharon Manning said...

Great photo Judy!

I hope you get to enjoy some downtime now.

Take Care

Marie C said...

Wow - what a great Aussie view and photo!! Thanks so much for the download - it's a fab picture - sure to use it soon too!

Karen Cole said...

Someday I'd love to see one of your completed Visual Anthologies. The small glimpses look fabulous.

Nice family photo, as well. Wish I had a palm tree outside my window. It's still cold here!

Ursula Clamer said...

Well deserved down-time I am sure, I hope you enjoyed it. Great photo you took of your family, it's these captured moments that seem to make the best photos. Ux

Kristen Robinson said...

Judy this photo is lovely what a perfect moment captured in time. the illustration is so wonderful I would love to see more. Such a wonderful post thanks so much for sharing yourself with us!