24 April 2007

Cheer Squad.

I have been waiting ever so patiently to cheer out loud about something. {By the way don't you just adore that "w" for Wilkenfeld on my jumper}.

Cos as you know these long distance relationships can be testing. At least the phone companies take full advantage of us. Michael decided to change to an internet phone or something like that.

And it was very difficult to hear him (either that or I am getting very old) until he sorted something out - phew!

Then all of a sudden I received all these texts (trying to wake me up, when it was school holidays - you know, you mums out there - don't have to get up at 6.30 to make 3 sets of recess snacks and 3 sets of lunch for my gourmet sandwich eating crew. God forbid they should like eating similar things!!! then the mad panic to get yhem to school by 7.45 etc etc). Sorry, I digress...

Anyway, then when the textsssssssssss did not succeed in getting me up, the home phone rings and...ooooooooooooooooh (see ooh expression on photo below - lol)

Nice news,

Happy news,

Exciting news.

My lil old blue heart will not be blue for much longer cos...
Michael's coming back in a couple of weeks. {Clap, Clap, Clap }
Well, it's a very short trip but any visit is a good visit - right? Right!

Anyway, I am nearly finished my latest Visual Anthology - and I can't wait to be able to post some images here. Still a little ways to go, doesn't help having kids on school holidays then they go back to school for two days and it's another public holiday today!

Ciao for now.


Ev said...

fantastic news, if he keeps doing this he will be able to apply for citizenship LOL - and great use of images....just love them.

Kristen Robinson said...

Judy such wonderful wonderful news. Enjoy your time together. I love the photos so perfect for the post.


Julie H said...

Woo Hoo! I am so happy for you.

And those photos are fantastic!

Megan said...

Judy that is just fantastic news!!!!

Something to look forward to hey? I hope the days leading up to Michael's arrival are spent in that high excitement and tummy-turning-feeling way that you get when you're in love and hanging to see the person in question. Then BOOM - enjoy the fireworks when they arrive!!

So pleased he's coming back!
Megan xx

Megan Pickwell said...

Perfect - I often feel I work in a short order kitchen with the lunches here, and thats only with two! So I sympathize there. Love the photos and am thrilled to hear your man is heading downunder, if only for a quickie.

Jen Crossley said...

Thats great news Judy enjoy your time together you both deserve it.
Love these photos they are way too cute

Coby said...

Wonderful news Judy!!! Those vintage photographs are fantastic and I agree, they are perfect for the post. I look forward to seeing selected parts of your latest commission.

love Coby

Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous news Judy.
And don't worry the sandwich making does come to an end eventually, it won't happen overnight, but it will happen. Love the photos too.

Karen Cole said...

Hey there,

I just love a good love story. This is better than television! I look forward to hearing about your time together (not too much).

In the meantime, your Cortona cronies, comrades, coterie, clan, club, companions, crew, coalition, clique.... will have dinner, some drinks and keep an eye on the poor guy for you next week in Virginia.

I'll take alot of pictures for you.

Speaking of pictures....where DO you get them?


Sharon Manning said...

Oh good for you lovey!
Even if it is a "quickie".
Shout from the back balcony and I'm sure I will hear you. LOL

Looking forward to seeing the commissioned work too, it has certainly kept you quiet.

Say Hi to the kids!

deMeng said...

awwwww you're so sweet....schmooopy.

lindaharre said...

Darling pics......and....thanks for the glue advice! Post a pic of your keyhole applied to a vintage book...I would love to see it:) Thanks for visiting:) Linda

Debbi B said...

Like everyone has said - great news - make the most of the visit! Your choice of photos was terrific - really eyecatching. Debbi B

Marie C said...

Great news- very sweet to make a special trip! and great pics! LOL