27 March 2007


So, I just wanted to say thanks to all my blogland friends for all their kind words and support from the last post. I very much appreciate them and I am fine! I have not blogged for a few days as I am madly trying to finish off an album which I put on hold while Michael was here. Promised it to her for a tomorrow evening viewing. That's the scarey part - showing them an album on their life and they have no idea what I have done - scarey.

Dremel 101

And I thought that I had seen all the uses for a Dremel after working with Michael. But I was wrong. Here were my ink stained fingers after finishing the collaborative piece and for a few days I just could not get rid of the ink – I had done a lot of inking, but it usually washes off after a day or so. I just couldn't get it off, so Michael gets out the Dremel and demonstrates how to sand off the ink on my hands. Quite a cool little trick really – except if you sand in the one area too long – ouch!

Michael, this one is for you! Treasure's galore:

My ex-hubby Bob fell in love with Michael’s art and took us to his warehouse where Michael had free reign to choose some junk which was by no means junk. Anyway Bob was searching for some pieces that his mum had purchased from India about 30-40 years ago but couldn’t find them. Well today he found them and delivered them – a huge table full – just waiting for Michael’s return. Great incentive, don’t you think. Anyway some things need a bit of a dust and clean but not all cos that's the way he likes them.

Check out Genesha - hope I got that right?

And Shiva (of which there are many pieces) – I think I have that right???– not sure about the deities but I know Michael loves them.

But this metallic piece will blow him away as we discussed pieces using materials similar to this.

Here’s a closeup.

Got to get back to the album!!!


Jen Crossley said...

Judy it puts a whole new light on going for a pedicure !!!LOL book me in girl LOL.LOve the goodies they look so cool

deMeng said...

Cool bebe,

can't wait to get back, and not just because of the stuff Bob set aside for me. Give him a huge thanks from me and tell him I'll put them to good use.

You got the names right...good girl.


Megan Pickwell said...

What a fantastic collection Judy.
Michael wouldn't know if we had a look through first would he?

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Judy what a lucky find, they're fabulous and great that you are still friends with your ex

Karen Cole said...

Whoa...it must be nice to have someone DELIVER this kind of thing...rather than rummaging through all kinds of "who knows what".....or worse begging for it... :-)

I'd especially like to know what will become of the chainmail(?) "bra".

Julie H said...

Where to begin? I popped over here to say thank you. Thank you for all the encouraging and kind words you have left on my blog - it really makes me smile.

As to that 'junk' - WOW - tell Michael if he does not come back soon then there will be a line of Aussies waiting for it! And, how wonderful that you have an ex you get on with.

I am not sure I am brave enough for the dremel pedicure - but heh - each to their own.

I am sure your clients will love the album! What I have seen of your work is gorgeous.

Marie C said...

So.... is that how you get the liquid nails off too!!!!? LOL Love your stuff haul!

Judy said...

Funny about the dremel and liquid nails -Marie, I did ask that but the answer is NO. But I did have that orange oil liquid that remove sticky stuff - forgot the name - sorry, that worked well according to Michael.

Laurie M. said...

Hi Judy,
Just thought I'd drop by and say hi...it's been awhile...busy busy! Anyway, what an incredible treasure trove!!! And your collaborative piece looks awesome...atleast the sneak peak did! I know Michael's heading to Artfest,,,and I'm off to Hacienda Mosaico.
Hope your clients loved the "visual anthology" you made for them.
Take good care,
Laurie Mika

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Judy,
Amazing treasures!! Very enticing!!


Debbi B said...

Hi Judy -

I am intrigued by your collaborative piece - wish we could see more. I didn't do any of Michael's class as I am bit of a wimp and felt that I would be completely out of my depth and intimidated by the tools (I have had a Dremel for at least 3 years that I am too scared to use - I know, it's pathetic) but judging by everyone else's creations at the Retreat and the way they all "glow" when talking about his teaching style, I might have misjudged the situation!

Hope you get your Pocketbook completed - I'm working on mine this weekend (I have promised myself).

Ciao, Debbi B

Kristen Robinson said...

OOOOOO and AHHHHH treasures to behold for sure!