23 March 2007

Michael's flew out yesterday. As the adage goes, "a picture tell a thousand words"!

The collaborative art piece...

It was a pretty mammoth effort to finish off the collaboration but we did it! I can't wait till everyone has a look. I am very proud of it and ecstatic we were able to work so beautifully together. How lucky am I to have had a true artist to collaborate with and nut out any problems I faced with his advice. When you see the entire piece I am sure you will agree that our very different styles blended well together.

So we decided that Michael will show parts of his section and I will show parts of mine. It can only be sneak peaks at present. That said Michael is still flying, poor thing, now he knows what it's like for us Aussies to trek around the world - such long flights.

Hope you like the snippets and thanks for looking.

I use alot of symbolism in my pieces, words,textures,fabrics, colours etc all have special significance. Most often when I do an album or piece for someone, something strangley significant occurs. It could be a link to their history that we never knew about or a found object will appear out of nowhere it seems.
With this piece there were a number of "chance" appearances. In my belief it is fate, the universe assisting the progress of the piece. More on that later.

Layers upon layers to create the piece.

It was truly an emotional journey for me on many levels about which I will have to go into in
in another post. I have been wanting to create this piece for so many years and who better to have done it with than Michael.
Nina's techniques played a significant part too.


Susan Tuttle said...

These sneak peeks are so enticing! I can't wait to see the full piece!

It is amazing how things reveal themselves in our art--you put it so beautifully in your post--yes, there is definitely something cosmic going on when that happens--I fully agree.

Hope you will be feeling better soon.


Ro Bruhn said...

This is looking fabulous, these sneak previews, I can't wait to see the complete piece. The colour and texture is terrific.
Keep your chin, up it won't be long before you're together again

Sharon Manning said...

You are right, that picture paints a thousand words!

Can't wait to see the whole creative artwork you have both done. The sneak peeks look unbelievable!!!!!!

Fate has played a pivotal role in my life so believe?......I do!

Lissy said...

This looks VERY interesting....cannot wait to see it all!

And poor you...not nice feeling so sad :( Bad days sure make you appreciate the good ones don't they :) And there is no easy fix to this one so take care and I hope you start feeling chirpier again soon :)

Julie H said...

How cruel to show so little - it looks fantastic - the colours and layers are wonderful.

Thank you for the soldering link too - I had a good read and enjoyed the samples.

West Aussie hugs to you.

Ursula Clamer said...

I really LOVE that first picture, it is sooo cool and appropriate. Congrats on getting the collaboration finished, looking forward to seeing. Take Care, Ux

jo said...

Judy, you and Michael will be together again before you know it! You truly seem to share a special connection that transcends the miles apart.
The sneak peek is very enticing, can't wait to see the whole picture.

Vivian said...

so glad i found your blog. loved meeting you, glad you found your way back home safely. did you end up traveling by magic mat? ;o)

i feel your pain, take care. love the sneaks, can't wait to see the whole piece. the 2 of you are amazing.

Megan Pickwell said...

Judy, you must feel such satisfaction to have created such a sinificant peice with someone so significant to you.
My thoughts are with you as you once again switch to the long distant relationship. May the universe work to sort that one out for you too!

Ruth Rae said...

Your sneak peek is stunning! I adore all the textures!

You left a comment on my blog and I wanted to write you back but I cannot find your Email... but I must say that the words that you have used in this post best sum up a lot of my own process as well!
You my dear have said it best!:

"I use a lot of symbolism in my pieces, words,textures,fabrics, colours etc all have special significance."

I have deep respect for the Jewish faith and Iam moved by the graphic nature of the Hebrew text.

Your blog and your art work is lovely! I look forward to seeing more!

Marie C said...

Wow - looks gorgeous already! Can't wait till all is revealed! Stay happy and creative and time will hopefully fly .... :)

Jen Crossley said...

Judy these sneak peeks are amazing,you will be together with Michael soon. This is when you need your art work and friends even more and your art piece with Michael keep you connected together in a very special way

Coby said...

Hi Judy, I am so glad that you and Michael were able to finish your collaborative work of art. May it lift your spirit each time you look at it. Thank you for the sneak peeks, I look forward to seeing the full piece when the time is right.

Much love, Coby

Megan said...

Oooohhhhhhh I want to touch it Judy!!! Can't wait til you share it completely!

That photo up the top is priceless, and tells us exactly how you are feeling...I hope the empty feeling goes away soon.

Megan xx

Izabella said...

waiting to see the finished piece is torturous! can't wait to see the whole piece~

xo ~Bella

Kristen Robinson said...

Cannot wait to see the finisehd piece. It is always hard to say goodbye or until we meet again...me sending a hug!