17 March 2007

A hunting we will go!

Well Michael and I have been working hard on our collaborative piece so I decided that we should go hunting for some vintage pieces. So inspired was I by Nina's pocket full of dreams book, I needed to find some elements for some of my pages... so off we went!

I dragged Michael off to Newtown, a favourite shopping haunt of mine.

Needless to say I took a wrong turn somewhere but as luck would have it we landed up out the front of an antique shop/auction house. We both had that glint in our eyes and we raced out the car and look what we bought.

I couldn't resist this wooden suitcase, the lace and the shoes. The camera and what the shop called "the mystery piece" are Michael's. No doubt he will pull apart the camera for future pieces. And the mystery piece, well, I will leave for his blog. But check out these shoes - oh so cute - I think I have some "thing" for little leather childrens shoes - must be the family business thing - but that's another story.

I will definately have to do a piece of art with these shoes one day. Look how the case and the shoes look just like the ones in the black and white photo.

Organised Chaos?

My kids came home after school yesterday and walked downstairs to see what we were up to. My middle son, Jared was most amused at Michael's workspace area. It was organised chaos at it's best. Neat freak that I am decided to try and forget that this was my ever so neat downstairs area turned into an assemblage studio (well kind of). Dremel dust everywhere, Telfast is my new best friend! In fact, Jared could not believe it so he grabbed my camera and started to take photo's - such was his amusement that I would allow such a delightful mess in my house.

Sorry had to block the image of the collaborative piece in this photo.
Anyway to my delight this evening the lovely Michael cleaned it all up - I think he may have realised that my coping mechanisms were being tested just that little too much. Thanks M!

I have to say that I am putting so many of the techniques that I learnt in Nina's class at the Artistic Journey retreat to good use in this project. i know I have said it before but her work is so inspiring. I was so lucky to be able to sit every day for a few days whilst she was staying with us and just pour over the 2 books she brought with her for class examples. I was totally mesmerised by them. No doubt, the fact that Nina is ever so spiritual added to the beauty of the books. She looks upon every new adventure with soulful eyes and it was a delight to watch her absorb every new experience here in Sydney. For my part I can't wait till she returns to Australia (yaah to Jo and Jackie from Artistic Journey who, from my understanding, are bringing Nina back for us) for some workshops next year and I will certainly be finding overseas locations to do any workshop I can with her - even with her black and white striped socks! (See Nina's blog)
Hope you all have a very creative weekend!


Ro Bruhn said...

Can't wait to see the collaborative project Judy, and don't let Michael near the shoes. The case is lovely, I have a really tiny one that was my grandmother's when she was a girl, it's so beautiful.

nina said...

my god, judy, you are making me blush! i am missing you guys more than i can say...please tell me i'll see you sooner than later!!! sending much love and gratitude from the states - xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Megan Pickwell said...

Judy, what suspense!
PLEEEASE, just a little peak?
What beautiful treasures you found on your journey - the shoes are fantastic.

Megan said...

You are such a big tease Judy lol!! It looks like you had a lot of fun shopping...funny where we sometimes end up after making "wrong turns" hey?
Megan xx

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Judy,
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and for your kind comment regarding the suitcase! Hey--send your suitcases over--I had so much fun with mine, I can't wait to find another one so I can go at it again.

I'm glad to have found your wonderful blog! I enjoyed your latest post--what wonderful finds for you and Michael!


Karen Cole said...

I think it is time to organize a traveling workshop "junkie" group.

I love the shoes and suitcase. How lucky are you both, to spend the day creating with "stuff"...together. Yin and yang always work better collaborating.....ie. neat vs. messy.

I am sooo looking forward to seeing what develops.

How about Virgina in May? Art and Soul. Joy, Jerri, Kathryn and I will be there (not that you would give a hoot....with M. there as well).

Enjoy the rest of your next few days.


Sharon Manning said...

Sorry been offline with Steve cutting the power and telephone lines on Sat.

OMGosh what has Michael done to your lovely living area? You need a door on your room so that you can't see/smell all of this! Steve had a great chuckle too BTW. I can just imagine Jared's reaction!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see the finished project....the suspense is killing us all now!

Marie C said...

Great finds! Love that the boots and case match your wonderful photo - a perfect combination!