14 March 2007


Well the countown for me is now on. One week to go until Michael boards a flight back to the USA. We have had such a wonderful time together. But now I am geeting sad, really really sad. It will be back to daily phone calls which will be better when daylight savings ends as the times will be better to call each other. Yes he will be back in December but in between times who knows? I know I shouldn't complain as I know many of my friends partners travel alot for their work and have lengthy absenses but that doesn't mean I have to like it! Right?

Michael and I have spoken at length about doing a collaborative piece of art for some time now and we have spend the last few days working on it. Sorry no peaking yet. We spent yesterday looking for something specific for the piece which was fun as the last time we went to a salvage yard together was in Italy. It brought back warm memories. Anyway should be interesting as we work so differently. Those of you who have taken a class with him will know how Michael works, well I am the opposite, the perfectionist..... so it will be very interesting weaving some magic together in a piece of art. It's well on it's way. The subject of the piece, which has many components to it, is very dear to my heart and history. It is, in fact, a visual anthology but this time I do not have to be limited to an album format.
So together we create.
This has been a dream of ours for ages.
Our dream is being fulfilled right before us, right now.
And I just want to acknowledge that this dream is our reality at the moment and I did not want to let it slip away without recognizing it's significance and to thank the Universe for allowing it to happen.
Thanks for listening.


Ro Bruhn said...

Hi Judy
Can't wait to see it.

Sharon Manning said...

You guys have such a connection on so many levels, so being physically apart for a while won't make an ounce of difference, in fact I think it will have the opposite effect on you both!
I can't wait to see/hear what your project is and what a great way to spend special time togther.
The different approaches (Michael's "liquid nails" and your "and can you just line that ribbon slide up with the photo and we're done") will come together just the way you two have......don't you know opposites attract Lovey!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the time.......xxxxxx

Bernie Berlin said...

Count the moments, remember the visuals & cherish your time together as I know you do..
The future even though, it seems like an eternity, will pass quickly and the life you are meant to have together will be waiting.
I know he misses you so too, when you're not together...
Can't wait to meet you:)

Megan said...

Hi Judy.

Oh that is so sad that you and Michael have to spend so much time apart. I hope it goes quickly....although when matters of the heart are concerned the time always drags :-(

Thinking of you!
Megan xx

Marie C said...

Your collaboration sounds so exciting.... it is hard to have a long-distance relationship - lots of communication possibilities these days, but it doesn't make it any easier.... hope the time goes fast for you....

Lissy said...

Oh Judy I would be really sad too -it is hard...
I know it is my life but I always know Ben is gone for 5 weeks and home for 5 weeks ...usually....not knowing for how long you will be apart is not so easy!
Art piece sounds VERY interesting...what a great thing to do :)

Ursula Clamer said...

I feel for you and the only advice I can offer is instead of saying "We only have x no. of days" say "We still have x days together" because I can inagine in the time that you are apart you'll wish for just one day together. I hope enjoy the time you have left together. I can't wait to see the collaboration. Ux

Izabella said...

oh...I feel for your heart!! that is a long time between visits, but this art collaboration will definately be like holding his soul in your hands when you again receive the art piece, it shall make the time go by faster~


Saints and Sinners said...

I know the separation is hard, but fingers crossed you can meet up somewhere between now and Dec!

Having been with You & Michael-I can say as a matter of fact that you are 2 interlocking halves of a whole. You guys are such a part of each other that you can never really be parted-by distance or time.

So theres no need to mourn this coming week. Savor & live in every moment. This isn't the last time you will be together, its just a temporary situation.


Megan Pickwell said...

I beleive that the universe always works with it - I guess you have proof of that right now.
How wonderful to get to fulfil a dream - enjoy, looking forward to seeing the results.