26 February 2007

PERTH, here we come!

I loathe packing for retreats/workshops. I never know what to take other than those essential items listed. It gives me a headache...

I am doing two book classes at Artistic Journey. I mean how do you know exactly what you will need to embellish these fanciful items. It's so difficult even choosing photo's ahead of time. I usually relish the embellishment part of doing my layouts - I do not usually plan this part of the process ahead. Occasionally I will find an embellishment and do the lo around it. I mean I have such a great stash of products, I will probably just take the essentials and do the embellishing when I get home. I just can't wait to learn some new techniques - that's what I love about workshops. You just never know when you are going to apply them in the future.

So before I leave here's the final part of my studio.

I have already started adding stuff to the pinboards so I cannot lose anything. It's so helpful.
Sorry just a quick post - have to continue getting packed.


Sharon Manning said...

This wall looks awesome, I so can't wait to come over and work in that room.

One more sleep and am I organised? NO! So totally not. But very much looking forward to it.

See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lissy said...

WOW!! Love the studio - i am green :)

Cute photos

AND I hate packing for classes too - way too hard...I create as I go and am not good at planning ahead!

See you Thursday :)

Megan said...

Very classy studio Judy!

Have a great flight, great retreat, great everything!!! Give Lis a great big hug for me and I want to hear all the details when you get back!

Megan xx

kathywas said...

Your studio is beautiful and just my style! This would definitely inspire ME to create!!