06 February 2007

Ok so I have succumbed to a blog, thanks Sharon.
So you will have to excuse the fact that it's bland right now!

I was checking out Scrapscene today and saw Jane Deans
altered challenge which ofcoarse I thought was fabulous. I love
antique printers trays, I have a couple in my studio.

Anyway Jane asked me to post this photo...
of my patterned paper altered printers tray. It's mounted on
foam board. So thanks Jane and good luck everyone with the


Sharon Manning said...

Welcome Judy, so glad I could "influence" your decision of starting a blog. You already know how much I admire your work and look forward to seeing you soon in Perth.

deMeng said...

Good job, Bebe.

Chris Millar said...

Welcome to blog land Judy!! Love your work in the slide show and thanks for the b'day wishes!!!

Rach H said...

HI Judy
lovin your work on the slide show.
nice to see you again - not sure if you remember me Rach (NZ) from ISC - we chatted for ages?

Lissy said...

Hey Judy - glad you have a blog :) That printer's tray is AMAZING - LOVE it :) And I do hope you are visiting Perth soon - YAY!!