17 February 2007

Every woman needs some down time, right?
So today I needed a retail therapy fix. I ventured off and found these gorgeous flowers which will eventually find their way in some art work but not in the albums, they are too dimensional for that. See aren't they stunning!

Are you into ATC's?
Well I have been reading Bernie Berlins book, Artist Trading Card Workshop... it's awesome!!!

It's a technique based book with lots and lots to learn. She is a wonderful artist and shows novices like me to so many how-to's, using a most comprehensive array of techniques and has so many other artists' examples as well. I so enjoy seeing and then trying new methods to incorporate onto my layouts. Expand the horizons - you know.
I buy loads of books, I find them informative some of the time but I have to say the people at Northlight produce the most amazing how to books. They are visual delight as well as very clear on the instruction side of things.

I love tassles!
So on my little shopping journey, I found this stunning tassle. And no it was not expensive either.
I decided it should sit above my Prima's - ok ok no comments on how many I have - bet you scrappers have plenty more than I do anyway. Well there are tons more flowers just different ones - show them another time. Anyway that's only one shelf of them - LOL!
{got to keep you interested in this blog somehow}.

I love my job! {well... most of the time}
Especially as I get loads of really beautiful old photo's to work with. This one is an example...
Can't say who it is as it's a photo for the album I am currently doing. I think it's such a special photo, big sister helping little sister - looks at the hands on the tap. Priceless! But most of the photo's come damaged or stuck down with sticky tape so it takes ages to fix (right Sharon) them and these sort of images are usually those tiny 2" by 2" ones. So when I have them fixed and then blown up to a 10" by 12" or whatever clients generally say where did you find that.I love that response.
Have a creative weekend all!


Megan said...

Hi Judy,

Well those flowers are just so beautiful! Make sure you share the results after you have done your creating :-)

Love the tassle too. My maiden name was Tassell lol.

Megan xx

Judy said...


Sharon Manning said...

Yes we get some pretty damaged photos to work with but with the technology of Photoshop, well let's just say you can weave some magic. I picked this one out too Judy!!!! I like my job all of the time! Well ok 99.9% of the time.

Are those flowers the ones made out of wood, like shaved really finely? They are very yummy. And where pray tell have you been keeping those Primas? I have never laid eyes on them when I have been over! LOL

New shelf too? You did need some retail therapy.

Lissy said...

Love that photo :)

Great flowers and no, not everything you buy has to be able to go in a scrapbook album....lol...

oldflowers4me said...

oh my , did i read that you are australian- hop skip and jump.