19 February 2007

Dear Phil

Such a gifted man
A gentleman in the true sense of the word
You touched so many peoples lives
A fine teacher and coach
I always called you a life coach
Today we are overwhelmed with sadness and tears
Especially Ari
I knew he would be so sad when today came
But he is so happy to have had you in his life
You taught Bob and David, the older generation and up until recently you taught Ari
I knew you were not going to make it until his HSC but I wanted you around him more for your life skills and wonderful nature – there was no better
Your gentle nature could only have been a great influence on him at his age.
I will miss our debates with Ari over politics – both of us trying to sway Ari to our side of the fence
We will miss your hugs – they were so comforting
We all feel so blessed having known you Phil, but you know that we will never forget you Phil
Ari will never forget you – he will do you proud in his HSC
Ari is a better person for having had you in his life
As the saying goes Phil, “Only the good die young”
No more pain for you Phil, you did not deserve it
We all love you Phil

May you beautiful soul rest in peace as you so richly deserve


Megan said...

Hi Judy,

I have absolutely no idea who Phil is, but he was obviously a most important person in your lives. I'm sorry you have lost someone....it's never easy.

Megan xx

Sharon Manning said...

Judy, it sounds like yesterday was rough for you but particularly Ari. You should be very proud of your son he is a truly gifted and gorgeous man. I know Steve and he talked for ever when we went out to dinner and yes he will do Phil proud when he does his HSC. Give him a hug from me.....but all of you take care.
xoxoxoxoxo and an extra one for Ari xo.